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Bee Awesome

At Buzz for Learning Coaching, our experience shows us that good mental health goes hand-in-hand with being a good leader.

Preventing staff from becoming frustrated, overwhelmed, disengaged or emotionally exhausted increases well-being and productivity.

The cost of not investing in developing staff well-being is an increase in staff absence, poor achievement and low retention of talent.

What we believe about our world affects how we interact with it and ultimately the results we get.

Who teaching and learning coaching is for:


Teaching Assistants

Teaching and Learning Coaching at a glance:

Step one – Working out your aims

A face to face chemistry meeting between your employee and a shortlisted coach. We are passionate about getting the right match – to create the perfect partnership between your employee and their coach. If, for any reason, they do not feel the match is right, we will pair them with another coach for another chemistry session before any coaching starts.

Step two – Coaching kick off

A face to face meeting to facilitate a three-way conversation between your headteacher, yourself and your coach, to agree objectives, outcomes, roles and responsibilities.

Step three – core coaching programme

We agree with you the duration of your desired coaching programme, typically this covers six coaching sessions of a one to two hour duration. These take place every four to six weeks, to allow your people time in between to work with new techniques and building on the results.

Step four – coaching review

A face to face meeting to facilitate a second three-way conversation between your employee, their manager and their coach, to review the outcomes of your coaching programme and agree next steps.

Through our Bee Awesome programme we provide one-to- one development for staff. We use strengths-based coaching to increase well-being, engagement and resilience while staff explore how to use their strengths to  overcome challenges. We tailor our approach to meet your organisational needs, providing either long-term coaching or supporting short-term transitions.

For schools that want to establish a sustainable internal coaching programme of their own, we'll provide training through our ongoing CPD package.